Sunday, July 22, 2007

2nd Class Grandchildren

I don't know what to say. I just got off the phone with my mother. She made it abundantly clear that my children will never be the same as her BIOLOGICAL grandchildren. She says she will love them just as much, but her things should go to actual biological grandchildren and mine will not be. Older ladies I need your guidance. I told her I will never bring my children to see her as long as she lives if she continues with that attitude. She responded that that's the way it is and nothing can change it. And yes, even now, I have forgiven her, but I will not subject my children to her hateful attitude towards them. She always refers to the adopted children of others as "that one they adopted" even when all their children were adopted. I feel as though she just died. I feel so alone in the world like it's just me and Alan. I'm past the tears and I'm in shock now.


*Love the Lord* said...

Hello my dear. Wow you have gone through a lot lately. I want to get right to my point. I am sorry that you are shocked and hurt. I can't imagine why people are like this. Your Mom is your MOM. I pray for you and for her. I pray that she realizes that adoption is close to Gods heart. After all we that love and choose him are adopted. I know it is hard to hear things like this from some one you love and look up to. I pray that her heart changes so that she doesn't miss out on her grandchildren as well as her daughter being a mother. My mom said "Watching you be a mother has been such a pleasure for me to see." God bless you. I miss seeing you! Call me if you need anything. I mean it!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you dear heart.

Pam said...

Oh honey, you be strong now you hear!? Those babies need you! Pray for your mom's heart to soften.

Michelle said...

Rebecca, your mother may feel that way now and come to feel differently once she has met her adopted grandchildren. Or perhaps after she has had a while to bond with them.

Or maybe not. I don't know your mother at all. But God does.

I can't imagine the hurt you must feel from those words. But know that through God all things are possible.

I urge you to try to get past the initial pain and seek God's will in how to move forward.

Jungle Mom said...

Your support will mean a lot to your children one day. Pray and trust. She may come around and you may be able to have a limited relationship at some point. It is best you now this is how she feels. I would not sacrifice my relationship with my children .Thank goodness God sacrificed His only natural son for His adopted children. US!