Friday, July 13, 2007

Adoption Update

So, we have sent in our initial paperwork for adopting a little girl from Guatemala. We have heard from the agency and are preparing for our home study. This, of course, has sent me into a cleaning and organizing frenzy. I'm quite glad that I'm pretty clean and organized as it is and my husband is fairly neat. We have ordered new furniture to replace our desk and entertainment center as they are both fixing to fall apart. When it gets here and all set up, I'll post before and after pictures. The only organizing I really have to do is to baby proof the place. Make sure all the outlets are covered, move my manicure basket from the low shelf to a higher one etc. Shouldn't be too bad. The wrist is getting better and now only hurts if I try to hold or lift something heavy, so I'm trying to be careful with it. If any of you have adopted. I'd like to hear your home study stories.


Carrie said...

I am so happy to hear that you are getting a baby girl for Guatemala. I am very partial to Central America because I have one of it's greatest exports....My sweet husband. He is was born and raised in El Salvador. I know that you will adore your little brown eyed beauty.Please keep us posted.


I am so happy that you are getting you baby girl. We adopted our daughter when she was three. Our home study was done by our pastor. We had a private adoption and a lawer did all the work for us. For us the home study was nothing. I am sure you will do just fine. Just be yourself and let God take care of the rest. God bless you. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Oh how exciting! I know you are anxiously awaiting the final steps.