Sunday, July 8, 2007

So today we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a little Italian restaurant in a nearby town. After that we followed directions to a large furniture store in another nearby town. This evening we went to the movies and filled out the first part of our adoption paperwork. We have had a beautiful weekend. The sun came out and the rain went away. It was cool and sunny and just lovely. I straightened up a little this afternoon and now I have to throw the roses away from my birthday. Alan had given me roses on my birthday. The next day was my day at the clinic and I got another dozen from him. He knew I was having issues with aging and wanted to make my day a little brighter. They have lasted quite a while but now it's time to say good bye too them. Otherwise, I'm gearing up for our trip to the states next month, and fixing to do a mountain of laundry tomorrow. Enjoy the Lord's day friends!

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