Friday, July 20, 2007

Adoption Update

I imagine as time goes by I'll be posting more of these. Our home study is scheduled for Monday evening, so please pray that we find favor with the agency. We are so excited. I've already started worrying about whether or not I'll be a good mother. Will I be patient with the baby? How will our lives change. I'm astute enough to realize that our life will change and dramatically is my guess.

Last night we had chicken and stuffing with green beans. This weekend we will be cleaning the place top to bottom and then some. I hope our boy Smokey makes a good impression. Everyone usually loves him unless they don't like cats. That could be a problem because Smokey is a BIG cat. 16 pounds and all muscle. He is so good with children though and has such a friendly disposition.

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Pam said...

You sound so excited and I can't blame you. I am excited for you all! Just take a deep breath and place it all in God's hands!