Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lazy Days

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We went furniture shopping and then walked around downtown for a while. Came home and took a nap and then went out to the celebration here on post. It had rained and hailed all day and so the place was a mud pit. We didn't stay too long and then we parked in the chapel parking lot to watch the fireworks. We felt a little bad because our boy Smokey doesn't like fireworks. They scare him. He was hiding under the desk when we got home. Today we are taking it easy. Filling out some paperwork we have put off etc. It's still raining. Praise the Lord! We went to the dfac for lunch. Not too good today. Way too much mayo in the deviled eggs. I love days like this. Lazy lay around days.


Dawn Marie said...

They had something going on on our base as well yesterday. Nothing big. My hubby and I didn't go to it though. Not really into the alcohol scene and it sure was being served as we drove by. They didn't blow off fireworks till about 11p.m. here. We could have watched them from our balcony, but decdied to stay nice and cozy in our bed instead :)
It was our last July 4th here in Germany! Wooohoooo! :)

Today was our lazy day too. Went to eat lunch on base, went to the PX, checked the mail, rented a movie and went to the


I am glad you had such a good day and got to just lazy around. We all need days like that sometimes. It has rained so much here. The rivers are all to flood stage. The rain is suppose to be stopped now. Sure hope it doesn't come a hurricane til the ground dries up some if one comes. Have a very good Lord's Day. connie from Texas