Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back from Paris

Hello. We finally came back from Paris, and we had a wonderful trip! We went to the Eiffel Tower at night and went all the way to the top. What a sight! We had a bus tour of Paris, a cruise down the Seine river, went to the Arc De Triumph where they also have their tomb of the unknown soldier. We went on Sunday to Notre Dame Cathedral. So beautiful. We stayed at a wonderful hotel. One might think that in Paris we would go for the good French food, and we did have some, but we also ate at the Planet Hollywood and at the Hard Rock Cafe. Here in Germany, we don't get the chance to go to American restaurants so it was a real treat for us. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to load them from our digital camera to the computer. Anyway, we had a wonderful time. The weather was warm and the sun was shining. That was especially nice since we had just had 2 straight weeks of rain in Germany. I do have to say one thing though. The French, in our experience, were no more rude than anyone else in any other country we have been to. So, maybe we just got lucky or maybe it really isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be. And so I'll post pics as soon as I can. Feel free to comment if you wish or ask questions. Have a wonderful day all!

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