Monday, February 5, 2007

Back from the Alps

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Hubby and I have been in the Bavarian Alps. We went to the summit of Zugspitz which is the highest peak in Germany. We rode the train to the cable car station and then took the cable cars up to the summit. After looking so long we took another cable car down to the glacier and then took the train back to town. On Thursday we went to the Neuschwanstein castle. It is the last castle of Ludwig the second of Bavaria. This is the castle that Walt Disney patterned Cinderella's castle after for Disney world. It was wonderful but boy did we do a lot of walking and climbing. We took a horse and carriage ride up to the base of the castle then we had to climb a LONG WAY up to the castle itself. Once it was our turn for the tour, we went in and they had us go up a stair case. I was thinking to myself, OK so we start on the second floor. Well we went up a total of about 167 steps that day. Then of course back down them and down the mountain to the horses. Then we decided we didn't need the horses to go down hill. So, we walked all the way down the mountain and into the town. The next day my hips were complaining, but by Saturday all was well. What a fun time!

I have a busy week ahead. Lots to do to make up what I couldn't do this week. It's good to be busy. "Empty hands are the devil's work shop." lol.

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