Monday, February 26, 2007


I substituted today at the Jr/Sr High School on post. These kids wore me out today. LOL One class all switched names and wouldn't answer to their right names. I thought it was funny but after about 30 minutes it got rather annoying. Another boy kept unzipping his pants in class. Told me his -- hurt. There were more trials but honestly this gets me to seriously consider homeschooling if and when the Lord should send us children. I don't want my kids subjected to this kind of behavior.
In other news, it's raining today. Hardly a surprise for Germany, however I am grateful for it because we will have beautiful flowers this spring and summer. The Germans put window boxes on all of their windows and fill them with the loveliest flowers. Last summer my husband and I used to take walks in the town just as the sunset was at its prettiest. We would look at all the flowers and nice yards and then vote of which one we liked best. It was very nice and romantic and I can't wait to do it again this year!
Have a lovely day my friends!

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