Wednesday, February 7, 2007


We had a light dusting of snow last night. About an inch or so but it only stuck to the rooftops and cars, nothing else. Yesterday was such a busy day, but it all ended up working out. I finally got all signed up to volunteer with the Red Cross here on post. I'm going to work at least one day a week in the health clinic. This will allow me to keep my nursing skills current as well as donate my time to a worthy cause. I have been asked to help teach some community health classes as the need arises and I am really looking forward to this. All of this also allows me to increase skills that I have used little as a hospital and intensive care/burn nurse. I need to get my application turned to complete my BSN online. I have it all filled out but have yet to turn it in. Why do we do things like that? I'm sure Dr. Phil would have a very interesting answer.

Yesterday I also met with Terese who is co-facilitator in the Bible study. She is such a blessing! I have never met a truly more joyful person. When I look at her I see Jesus and it fills my heart with joy. She is a living example of what it means to be a contagious Christian. I love our Bible study. This past week's lessons caused me to stop and think about what my priorities are as a Christian. What I am allowing to hinder my walk with Christ. I discovered that I allow busyness to hinder me. I put Him off " 'till later " because I have all these things that I think I must do "now". The thing is that when I put Christ first and spend time in the Word and prayer every day and really make Him my priority, all these collateral things fall into place. That's not to say nothing ever goes wrong, but that because my focus is Christ, my attitude is better, my soul is calmer, my faith is stronger, and I believe my light shines brighter.

OK. On my way to PWOC now. Have a great day everyone!

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