Friday, February 23, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Well, here I am again. I was at the commissary and needed some bell peppers to make chili with. While in the produce department, I noticed that the red bell peppers they had were HUGE! Now, for me this is a real find. I make a stuffed pepper dish that is really good and nutritious and my husband loves it. The problem has been that here in Germany, it can be a challenge to find peppers big enough or shaped properly for the filling. So, when I saw these I jumped on them and got some. Last night I made stuffed peppers. As we were finishing up supper, I noticed that my husband had eaten the smaller pepper I gave him but only the filling out of the large one. It turns out the larger ones are also thicker and he found he doesn't like the thicker ones. Also though I usually make some green, some red, and some yellow stuffed peppers, DH always eats the green ones. The red ones taste different to him and in the thicker one it really made a difference. Interesting. So, now I know.

In other news, I have been getting quite a bit of subbing opportunities lately. (Although I am a registered nurse, there is no hospital and thus few nursing jobs available on post.) This is nice because my mom is coming to visit in about 2 weeks and so we'll have a bit extra to spend if we need while she is here and then also I wont work at all until she goes home. For those of you who may be wondering generally work less than 5 days per month. So, it's very part-time and just enough to keep busy and have a little extra spending or (saving!) money. Also, for those of you who may be nurses I keep current by doing online CEU's and I volunteer with the Red Cross at the clinic here on post a few days a month.

I wonder if there are others out there that were nurses or had another profession that must be kept current who have married and chosen home/husband over profession? If you are out there, I'd like to know how you keep up and if you (like me) work outside the home a little bit or not at all.


Lela said...

I have a degree in Home Ecomonics/ Education but other then student teaching have never taught. I am not certified in the state where I now live. I might consider teaching at a Christian School someday but want nothing to do with the public education system.

I am so GLAD I worked my way through and I don't have to worry about student loans, of course I also use my degree everyday at home.

Rebecca said...

I've been reading your blog for a while Lela and it's one of my favorites. I'm sure you do use that degree everyday at home. education and nursing are 2 of the best degrees future wives and mothers could get. Both get used at home. Especially the teaching. How lucky your son is!