Thursday, February 8, 2007

Loving My Husband

Tammy, over at Tammy's Recipes wrote a post on loving her husband. Go over there and read it. It was a timely piece for me to read. I love my husband, always have always will. Yesterday however, we got into a "discussion" a very calm and polite one that I, unfortunately, began, on his lack of communication skills. As if I am the great communicator. lol Now, keep in mind that my lack of communication skills came up also. I wont go into any more of it. We resolved the issue lovingly etc. HOWEVER, I couldn't sleep last night and went to my computer and found this and the corresponding article over at Biblical Womanhood. Reading these, the Lord convicted me of my lack of patience. Instead of "calling him" on his imperfections, I need to be praying for him and allow the Lord to change them and thus change me too. My imperfections, I suspect, are more numerous than his. So my challenge to all you wives out there that might have the same issue is to practice loving your husbands by keeping your mouths shut. There are things that we simply will have to bring up, but if we take them to the Lord first and let Him direct us the changes in ourselves and our husbands might just be astounding.

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