Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Autumn Is Here!

Autumn has really come here in Germany. The leaves are falling from the trees and we are lucky to even see 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a day. This morning was the Fall kick-off for PWOC. They had a bridal theme - we are the bride of Christ, and it was decorated as if for a wedding complete with a real wedding cake! It was so pretty! They are offering some good Bible studies this semester and I'm trying to decide. I had in mind to do one of them for some time, but now and for the last week or so I've really been feeling pulled another direction. One of the studies is about the effectiveness of a praying wife. I really feel pulled toward that one. I want to be a praying wife. Oh I pray for my husband, but I feel it could be so much more than it is!

In other news, we are looking at 6-7 months to get our daughter. I pray for her daily that the Lord would watch over her and protect her and her family. She hasn't even been born yet. I've never seen her face and yet I love her so much already! I can't wait to fix up the nursery and get everything ready!

So enjoy the rest of summer you folks back in the States!


Sheri said...

Rebecca, I'm so excited for you to get your daughter!!! Oh you will be a wonderful mother! Congratulations!!!!

Dawn said...

I love fall and winter here in Germany! The moment it got cold here, I started getting that holiday spirit inside. This will usually last till January...LOL.
I got my fall scented candles lit and just ordered some more thru Yankee Candle. Soon I will be making soups and stews in the crock pot, home made bread, drinking hot cocca, watching Christmas movies, and taking it all in.
I have noticed the leaves falling too...I hope that there are some trees that change colors though so I can send pix back to the States...LOL.
Last year we had a mild fall and winter.

That is so awesome about getting your daughter! 6 months will probably seem like eternity, but it will go by quick. There is only like 16 weeks left in 2007...

God Bless You!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Sheri and Dawn! I hope I will be a good mom.