Sunday, September 16, 2007

We're Back!

We just got back from a wonderful weekend spent in Kaiserslautern. As it turned out, Ramstein AFB had their annual bazaar this weekend. Two airplane hangers and a HUGE tent that housed vendors from all over Europe trying to sell us their wares. I did get several birthday and Christmas presents from them and our boy Smokey got a new playhouse. We looked at the exchange furniture store for baby furniture. It all has to be white, so that cut down the selection quite a bit. I did find one white chest of drawers that I could buy a changer top for and use as a chest and a changing table. It's just the right height (I'm quite tall) and changing tables that were not built for short people are hard to come by. We didn't buy it yet. I'm going to check out another thing or two first and then we'll get it next time we go. Nothing much going on here right now. Smokey was glad to see us though he did have fun at our friend's house. And Pam, to answer your comment I've got all kinds of crazy thoughts running through my head right now. All the things we need for the baby and then questions about things I've never really thought about before like can you mix fluoridated water with baby formula? (my sister says you can) At what age do you stop burping the baby? (as a nurse you'd think I'd know however, I don't) Can you use the car seats that double as carriers for more than the first few months? When do you start oral hygiene? And more along those lines. I am researching those questions and more. Mainly they are just things I've never really had to think about before.

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Pam said...

Oh Rebecca, You are going to find yourself thinking of many things you've never thought about before having a child! LOL

Enjoy the ride!