Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Marge is doing alright. The doctor doesn't know why she was having problems but it seems to have stopped. She is going to be on bed rest the rest of this week and then we'll see how it goes.

If all goes well for us, we will be getting our baby in December or January. DH and I are going shopping for baby furniture this weekend. We have been looking at all that is available and now we are prepared to buy. I am planning to do her room in Hello Kitty. I just love frilly things, and of course pink is my favorite color. There is a sale at the PX on some basic baby things, so I'm going to get some. It's just onesies and sleepers but it's a good price and something we no doubt will use. I'll just get them in 6-9 month size. They may be too big at first but she'll grow into them.

I just heard on the news that Vladimir Putin has dissolved the government in Russia. Hmmmmm.


Dawn said...

Don't forget to check your thrift shop on base too! You can probably find brand new high chairs, cribs, clothes, etc.
Our thrift shop is alright. I wish it was open more than 2 days a week though!
And of course, eBay is a great place to buy stuff cheap!

Bless you!

Pam said...

Hey there! I tried several times last night to leave a comment here but my computer or blogger was acting up. So here I am back tonight!

How goes it? I am so anxious to see how things go with the baby! I just can't imagine the thoughts and plans going through your mind these days!