Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meals And Deals

We go soon is all I can say. In the mean time we are getting ready. Apparently we'll get to have her for most of the time we'll be there, so we are excited about that. Other than that, I subbed again today. I praise the Lord for all these opportunities as it helps to be able to bring a little money in when so much is going out, besides, once the baby is here I don't plan to leave her in day care to work. Tonight I'm going to make penne pasta with a meat sauce and some garlic bread. I got some special gourmet spice and I'm going to add some and see how it turns out. We don't eat much pasta so we'll see how hubby likes it. I got the best deal at the commissary the other day. I noticed that Yogurt Burst Cheerios were on sale for $1.00/box. Now that is quite a sale! It's normally about $3.50/box. Plus, I had coupons for $1 off of 2 boxes. So I got 10 boxes of that cereal for 50 cents each! I know that's a lot of cereal but it will last and I like cereal. Woo Hoo!


Arlene said...

Oh, I love when the commissary has great deals like that. My hubby practically adores cereal, lol, so anytime there is a good price, we try to stock up. :)

Praise the Lord for providing extra opportunities for you as you are working through this adoption!

Jungle Mom said...

it must be hard to wait! I would compare it to waiting for the labor to commence!

Pam said...

Great blessings at the comissary!

I can't imagine leaving her there. It will be hard so brace yourself and cover the whole trip with prayer.