Saturday, September 1, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 4

So, on Monday, we flew to Las Vegas, NV. I had never been further west than Altus, OK before so, this is all new to me. Las Vegas was hot but not as bad as Missouri was due to the lack of humidity. We stayed at the Golden Nugget Hotel. It's amazing the cost of a good meal there. DH got a prime rib dinner for $6.95. That's and 8 oz. prime rib steak, baked potato and veggie. And it was a good steak too. Shrimp cocktail for 99 cents! Amazing. Needless to say we ate well. The hotel has the coolest swimming pool. It's a large pool and in the middle is a shark tank. So we went swimming with the sharks! The largest was maybe my size so it wasn't like swimming with Jaws or anything, but still pretty cool. There was also a water slide that went through the middle of the shark tank (water slide was clear but fully enclosed of course). Alan went on that one. I didn't. We also went to a show titled, "Defending the Cave Man". Basically a one man act but more like a stand up comedy show. This guy humorously points out the differences between men and women's thought processes and promotes monogamous marriage in sin city. Amazing! It was a very good show we laughed so hard! Other activities included walking all around down town and seeing the sights. We spent one day (we were only there 3 days) at the pool and one day on a bus trip to Hoover Dam. Now that is an interesting tour. Since we went over to the Arizona side I can now put Arizona on the list of states I have been to. Ha! When we left on Friday morning to fly to New York, we had a 3 hour delay because the battery on the plane wasn't working right and they had to fly a new one in from Los Angeles. Thank God they found it before we got in the air! Anyway, when we got to our connecting flight in Detroit, they told us they were holding the plane for us (about a half mile away). So, Alan starts running with our carry on and I go as fast as I can. Thank God for moving sidewalks. When we get there it turned out that the plane had already left and they had given our seats to someone else. We had to go all the way back and they would get us on another flight. So back we went (it turns out they had a tram to ride. Would have been nice to know that earlier). We had first class tickets and the guy would only put one of us in first class. He said there was nothing else he could do. Very rude. I asked the very nice lady next to him if we could both be in first class since we had paid for the tickets and voile! it was no problem. That nice lady stayed 2 or 3 minutes after she was supposed to leave (above the protesting of John the rude guy with half of his shirt untucked) to help us. The seats weren't together but the guy next to me was willing to switch with Alan. And so we had a wonderful flight in to NY arriving there past midnight. We headed to the plane in Vegas that morning at 0800. Part 5 tomorrow.

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