Friday, October 12, 2007

Guatemala Day One

We arrived around 8pm ish. It took a while to get through customs and immigration and then our luggage and the coach to the hotel. We stayed at the Marriott as most adopting parents do. They have a baby lounge with a few toys, swings, bouncers, an exersaucer, changing room, bottle station, etc. Very nice. So we finally got to our room after traveling about 26 hours. We had gotten up at 3 am Friday (German time). A friend drove us to the train station at 0430. We caught the 5am train and it was about 3.5 hour train trip till we finally made it to the Frankfurt airport. Then a 10+ hour flight to Dallas, a relatively short layover (where we got to eat at TGIF!) and then a 3ish hour flight to Guatemala City. Anyway, we unpacked everything to be completely ready for Alaina. lol I even got out her diaper bag and packed it. Then we ordered room service. OK, Pam and Rita will laugh. Tacos really are different when made in Mexico/South America. they were in corn tortilla's like we use but it was meat rolled up in the tortilla and then possibly fat fried. Ladies correct me if I'm wrong I'm just guessing here. However there were none of the cheese, lettuce and tomato's that we are all used to. So the room service we ordered was an appetiser platter of tacos, empanadas, and some miniature tostada's some with beans and some with guacamole. My Spanish was beginning to get a work out. We went to bed early after placing a call to Jorge (our interpreter and liaison between the lawyer, the foster family and us) to confirm meeting our daughter at 0900 the next morning.


Dawn said...

Wow...what a long first day for you and your DH. I know it was worth it though.

I am only 15 minutes from the Frankfurt airport. :)

Morgan said...

Wow! What a long day for you guys...I bet it was all MORE than worth it to see Alaina the next morning!!!! She is a beautiful baby, and I can't wait to hear more about the trip, and see more pictures of your precious daughter. I am so happy for you guys!

Rebecca said...

Wow Dawn I didn't know you were that close. Morgan, you are so right. She was more than worth it.