Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tomorrow and Friday will be busy days indeed. I am going to some training to be eligible to teach the Healthy Pregnancy classes through the Red Cross here on post. I am a certified Red Cross nurse (RN) and all I need is to be familiar with their curriculum. The Red Cross has asked me to head this up for the post and I have agreed as it wont really take all that much time on a monthly basis and it's something more I can put on my resume. The training will be full days for 2 days. I just hope I can find the right building tomorrow.
We had one of our "coffee's" tonight. It's a get together for the spouses of the senior NCO's and the officers. We had it at the bowling alley as one of our male spouses was hosting it. Included we had 2 baby showers. One girl has just had twins and then a different male spouse' wife just had one. It's funny because Alaina is right in the middle of them. They are Twins then Alaina and then the other baby. They are each about a week to ten days apart from the next one. Baby girl sure will have friends to play with! I had my first experience today with European clothing sizes. lol WOW! I had to hold them up and judge for someone else's child by guessing how big it would have been on Alaina 3 weeks ago. Well, I think I did a good job if I do say so. I went down town to the Toys-R-Us. It's the first "American" store that I have been to here that is just like (or very similar to) those in the States. You see we went to Walmart a year or so ago and it was nothing like in the States. It had none of the things you'd find at home so it was just like all the other German department stores price and all. We couldn't see the point in going back.
Anyway, y'all have a good day and I'll cya tomorrow.


Susan said...

Hi, Rebecca! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visting my blog. I hope we can get to know each other a bit!

Rebecca said...

Susan, welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. I would love to get to know you.

Pam said...

Oh I can just imagine you buying baby girl clothes!