Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Have you ever had a day so busy (and enjoyed it) that at the end of the day even though you are tired, you want to stay up and keep doing stuff? This is a first for me. At least since childhood. In fact, I was thinking that about 2 hours ago when hubby went off to bed. I thought that this must be how children feel when they fight going to sleep. Bizarre isn't it? I mean it's not like I got married today or got the baby today or started college or something. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and in the course of the day cleaned the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded the dishwasher, took the recycles out, set up the coffee maker for tomorrow, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, ran dishwasher again, did 4 loads of laundry completely (I'll get at the ironing tomorrow) stripped and remade the bed with fresh linens, swiffered the whole apt., dusted the whole place,(apparently knocking some pictures crooked which was the first thing hubby noticed when he came in the door from work. "was there a loud bang or something? the pictures are all crooked.") sorted all the coupons I recieved from Crystal and Jenna (thank you) into 3 piles from which further sorting will happen, and brought in all the (non-perishable) groceries that have been sitting in my trunk for the weekend and put them away. Of course I also read and answered email and did some computer stuff. I was sitting in such a wierd position doing the coupons that when I stood up I discovered that my legs from knee to hip had fallen asleep. That has never happened to me before. Usually it's the feet or lower legs that fall asleep not the thighs. It wasn't a good thing either because my knees were asleep and not in the mood to support me. No, I didn't fall, but it was really an odd sensation. So, I said all that to say this. I find it odd that I want to stay up and do stuff. The only other time I've felt this way was for about an hour after the narcotic pain killer kicked in when I had a root canal. So wierd.
Pam you've been on my mind all day. I'm saying a prayer for you. I hope everything is alright.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wait. I had a Dr. Pepper today. Maybe this is a caffiene buzz. I've never had one before. It's kind of cool. (I have an arrythmia so I try to stay away from caffiene.) I only drank the Dr. Pepper to get rid of it. I had gotten it free and DH doesn't like it. HMMMM well, if that's the case, I should be crashing soon.
Hasta la vista baby!

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