Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guatemala Day Three

So, now it's Sunday morning is Guatemala and we have decided to stop tag teaming Alaina and let one of us sleep while the other one tends to her. The morning is somewhat of a blur for me. I do remember going down to breakfast. Then we napped in the afternoon while Alaina slept. We did go to visit the baby lobby where some of the other parents informed us where to find a pacifier. I had noticed Alaina chewing on her bottle nipples. When I'd squeeze a bit of water or formula into her mouth she'd spit it out. She just wanted to suck. At her age this is such a natural desire that we decided Sunday or not we'd try to get her one. They didn't have one at the gift shop in the lobby much to our dismay. We headed out to a pharmacy down the street. Closed. Then we kept walking around the block that our hotel was on. We came to 2 grocery stores and an open pharmacy but no go. It turns out that a pacifier is called a "pepe" in Spanish. The pharmacist told us to head to the mall where he was sure we'd find it. My Spanish finally came in handy on this trip. It was too far to go with the baby only in our arms as we would have to cross several very busy streets. So, I went back to the hotel with her and papa went out in search of a pepe. She loved it. She spit it out a lot but only because she hasn't learned how to keep it in. When I rigged it up to not fall out she fell right asleep. I slept for the evening as best I could while DH took care of her. I was quite amused as she was fussy and he'd tried everything but her diaper. I called out to check it. He did and I heard him say "oh you're wet" I made no motion that I was awake and sure enough he stepped up to the plate and changed it. I was so proud of him. Yesterday when I asked him if he wanted to change her he was afraid he'd hurt her. I told him that while she is little, she doesn't break so easily. What a good papa he is! OH! I forgot to tell you. During the day at some point, she was fussing and didn't want her bottle etc. Alan had her so I said check her diaper. Maybe she's wet. He checked it and when he opened the diaper he jumped back like a snake bit him and said, "Somebody gave her guacamole! She's got it in her diaper!" lol and then he promptly handed her over to me. I laughed. That will be a good one to tell. About 8 pm she had her bath. It took both of us to do it and we bathed her in the sink. Boy is she slippery! But we all got through it and into fresh clean jammies. So about 9pm ish I took over and Alan tried to sleep. He sleeps much better than I do. He was snoring in minutes. I gave her a bottle and changed her diaper and she went down for about 3 hours. That's not to say she didn't fuss some, but she was down for most of it. She is used to sleeping with adults in their bed so she needed a lot of comfort to sleep in her crib. I found that if I just stand there and pat her back for a while she'd nod off again. Well, we both missed supper so I ordered the late night room service that we'd had the night before. I was able to get a little rest off and on through the night.

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