Thursday, April 5, 2007

4 Years

Four years ago today I married the love of my life. I often laugh as I remember our wedding day. The various goofs and mistakes, the joy that we had. We hadn't planned on getting married when we did. We were kicking around some time in August when Alan got new orders. The war in Iraq was just starting and he was being transferred to a new unit in a different state. We decided to get married and go together. We had exactly 6 weeks. So with both of us working more than full-time, Alan brought all his stuff to my house and lived on the bare necessities. Fortunately he was in government quarters and so most of the furniture wasn't his anyway. His things had to be moved to my place because the army will only pick up at one residence to do a move. So in that time we had all of both of our household goods and furniture picked up and moved, we sold the house that I owned, continued working right up until a few days before we got married, and had a full wedding. Invitations, dress, attendants clothes, flowers, cake etc. Nothing was left out. Except for perhaps sleep. It was a busy and crazy time. One day when it was rather slow at work the girls were helping me make up the "rice" bags. The wedding went off with the only hitch being that the sound guy didn't play the recessional as we walked back up the isle at the end and the flower guy forgot to leave most of the flowers and I had to call them. They had the nerve to ask if I could just do without! Good thing they were on the phone when they said that. lol! So here I have posted some pics of our special day to share with you.


Janie said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I love your dress. The cake, too, is really pretty. Mickey and Minnie on the top? There has to be a story there! Speaking of stories, you will have to tell us readers how you both met. We love those romantic tales!

Carrie said...

I love your dress,you made a beautiful bride. You did an amazing job with only 6 weeks to prepare. Enjoy your anniversary.

I agree with Janie, we would all love to hear how the romance began.

Rebecca said...

Thank you both so much! We just watched the video of our wedding the other day. It's hard to believe we've been married 4 years. In one way it seems like we've been together forever. He is such a part of my life that I can't imagine life without him. In another way it does seem like just last week that we were planning the wedding and getting married and moving etc. How time flies!