Friday, April 27, 2007

Connie From Texas

Does anyone know Connie? Her husband got on her blog and said she'd been in pain in her leg and he took her to the doctor and she couldn't blog for a while. I'm just concerned. It's the nurse in me. I'm currently reminding myself that she belongs to Jesus and He knows all about it. Why is it so hard not to worry? What's up with that?


Janie said...

It is hard not to worry because Connie is so sweet! She is one of the most precious ladies so we worry about her. Not to mention that unlike a friend down the street we can't run down a casserole or tidy her kitchen or anything. The bad side of having friends halfway across the continent or world!!!

Rebecca said...

I know, I think you've hit the nail on the head too. I wish I could run a casserole down or run her errands, do some laundry or something. It's the not being able to do something that frustrates me. And, as a nurse, it's also the not knowing exactly what is wrong and making sure she is getting proper treatment. Not that I doubt her family or doctors it's just a nurse thing.