Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Much To Say

I have so much to say today! First of all, thank you to those of you praying with me. It seems like with things like this it never rains but it pours.
Next topic,
Today we had a dissenter come into our PWOC class. It was a weird thing all together. First off, there were only 2 of us there. Events conspired (God lead I'm sure) so that it was only myself and another very strong Christian. Not that the others are not strong, but you'll see. One girl is off getting married in the States. She is already married but they are having the ceremony. Another is on vacation with her family. A third just had a baby. And the other regular had been there earlier but had to leave to take her daughter to some sort of appointment. None of the irregulars were there. Today's topic had to do with Christians and alcohol. It comes from the woe to drunkards found in Habakkuk. Anyway, we were about 10 minutes into our discussion, and a woman I had never seen before today came in saying she wanted to sit in on our study. I had no problem with this. I told her what today's topic was and brought her up to date on what we had discussed. Well, to make a long story short, this lady in response to all we discussed began to spout very wrong, anti-Christian rhetoric. She said (paraphrasing) how research proves that homosexuals are born that way and that they don't have a choice. She said that parts of the Bible may be inspired but men have chosen to change it and take things out and put things in. She said that we are not compassionate because we call homosexuality, drunkenness, etc. sin and we don't understand. She said that there are millions of spiritual people all over the world who love their religions and truly believe and we can't say that they are wrong. Then said that Jesus is not the only way to heaven. She said that Jesus was a very compassionate and tolerant man. I had to strongly disagree with that. Jesus was compassionate to be sure, but He did not and does not tolerate sin and cited examples of that. She said that evolution has been proven. All of these things and more. Be sure that the 2 of us responded appropriately. In love and kindness we were able to refute her claims. I sorrowed that she could not accept that you must believe all of the Bible or none of it. I explained that you cannot tell Jesus that you agree with Love your neighbor as yourself but not that sex outside of marriage thing and expect to get to go to heaven. All the time we were praying silently that the Lord would lead us and guide us, give us words, to answer her. She left before the study was over stating that she wished to look in on the other studies. I checked around afterwards and found that she did not in fact go to any of the other studies.
Praise the Lord! First, because He lead her to my study. Not that I'm so great but that there were only 2 of us there. Therefore, her false claims could not be heard by many people and especially because we have ladies who are new Christians and some who are still searching. The 2 of us who were there, are not going to be shaken by her ideas. Praise the Lord! Because the seeds of the truth were planted in her heart. She has now heard the Truth. Praise the Lord, because she left and no one else was subjected to her. Pray. As soon as she left we both just stopped the study and prayed. and prayed and prayed. I have such a burden for her soul! We prayed that the Lord would put Christians in her path, that she could not escape the Word. My heart remains heavy for her and I continue to pray. Pray also because this woman is a family life therapist. She only has 10 days left on post and my prayer is that people who need Godly advice be directed to a different therapist. We have a Godly counselor on post.

Then the last thing that I had to say is that as I am helping to prepare for our upcoming 20 year high school reunion, sad things have come to light. 10 people that we know from our class have died. Some I knew about and some I didn't. It's hard to believe that they're gone. So sad.



Rebecca, I am so thankful that God gave you two the words to tell this lady who needed so bad to hear them. I am glad you were the two that were there. God probably sent her to you. Well, you have given her the truth and it is up to each indivudal to make a choice either for the Lord or not. I will pray with you about the things you mentioned. She surely needs help and no one else needs to be exposed to her values and thoughts. connie from Texas

Janie said...

I am so glad that you were there at the study! I am thankful that God gave you the words to say to her. Sorry about the sad news of are still in my prayers!! God Bless!

Pam said...

This goes along with what our Pastor preached about tonight at prayer meeting! We can use all bumps in our lives as an opportunity to witness! You did a great job!Let's pray she finds Christ.