Friday, April 20, 2007

Frugal Friday

Ok, so now my back hurts from all that scrubbing yesterday. lol. Oh well, I learned my lesson. I'm a little annoyed that I wasted my money on that mop-n-glo though. So, on to Frugal Friday.
My husband and I travel quite a bit. Additionally my husband travels for work at least monthly. We save all of those things you get from hotels. Soap, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, shower caps, conditioner, lotion, mending kits, shoeshine kits, plastic laundry bags, sample size deodorant, emery boards and body wash. All of those things we get from hotels. Now not every hotel we go to supplies the room with deodorant or toothpaste. The one my husband uses on business does. The thing is we use this stuff. We use it in the hotel and we take the remainder home and use it there. I used to worry about this until several friends who work at hotels told me that they expect you to take these things. NOT THE TOWELS! And, no we have never taken the towels. I include all this in Frugal Friday because I honestly haven't bought a bar of soap in months. In fact, I donated a bunch of those soap bars a few weeks ago when my PWOC group was putting together packages for Polish orphans. (I would have donated a bunch of the rest of it too but we couldn't send anything liquid) We get enough of all of that stuff that I only buy when things will cost me about 50 cents or less. When I combine coupons with sales to get hair products it's mostly just conditioner and I get it because I use a LOT of conditioner, it's one of the hotel toiletries we get least often, and I like to save them to take on trips. With the new toiletry travel restrictions on airplanes they are nice to have. So that's my tip today. Use those hotel toiletries! After all, you paid for them when you paid for the room.

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Janie said...

You use alot of conditioner because of that beautiful head of hair! (I love your hair) My husband gets alot of those samples when he travels and we use those, too. Hotels have really improved the quality of their toiletries the last few years. Remember when the chunk of hotel soap was all flakey and smelled like old socks? Now my husband even brings home "Aromatherapy" shampoo with grapefruit extracts, etc. We have fun with them and love the little bottles, too!