Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday Super Values

Wednesday I went to do my monthly grocery shopping at our local commissary. Now I do go more often than that but only for perishables, and most of those I prefer to get from the German stores. There were lots of sales so I will just post the best:

- 2 Banquet frozen fried chicken dinners for $0.75 each.
- A HUGE box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for $1.50
-Airwick spray - $0.79 each. I had 3 coupons for buy one get one free so I got 6. (my husband is a big fan of spray.)
- Kotex overnight maxi's $0.29 with my coupon
- Vaseline Intensive Care lotion $0.99 with my coupon. I got 3 of them. Both of us have very dry skin.
- Pantene conditioner (I need lots of it for my waist long frizzy hair) $0.59 with my coupon. I got 2 of them.
- Purell hand sanitizer purse size - I got $0.46 back with my coupon. I bought a second one for $0.54 cents with a lesser coupon so in all I got 2 for $0.08 or 4 cents each.
- Rice-a-Roni 2 boxes $0.25 each
- 6 pouches of blueberry muffin mix $0.33 each
- 9 cans of Dole tropical fruit salad (my favorite) $0.35 each
- 3 boxes of garlic potato flakes $0.40 each (each box contains 2 pouches so that makes 6 20-cent side dishes.
- 8 boxes of Martha White corn muffin mix $0.07 each
- 3 packages of Pillsbury refrigerated Easter cookies (the kind where you just place them on the cookie sheet, bake, frost, and put some weird edible paper decoration on it) $0.95 each on clearance. I had 3 coupons for $1 off so, they paid me 15cents to take them home. (I throw the paper decoration out. The concept of eating paper, edible or not, bothers me immensely.)

So. the super value savings in all were $47.77 savings in coupons and at least $14 savings in sales. For a grand total of at least $61.77 which is 52.36% of my bill.


Janie said...

Sounds like you got some great deals! What's for supper tonight????

Rebecca said...

Tonight we had chicken served over rotini pasta with a creamy garlic sauce and bread crumbs on top. Green beans and pineapple for desert.