Thursday, April 26, 2007

It Never Rains But It Pours

Ok, this is where I've been the past 2 days. Tuesday morning I had an emergency dentist appointment. A crown had fallen out and I really needed it put back in. Also, it was my first visit to this dentist and you know how that always takes more time. It was a German dentist and he was really quite wonderful. Then, I had lunch with a friend at the DFAC. The funniest thing happened. A man in uniform came by and said hello to us. They all look alike to me. I looked up and smiled. I heard Kim, my friend, say oh hello sir. She used her formal army wife voice. Turns out it was a visiting general. lol I was so glad my name wasn't pasted on my shirt or anything. Not that I was rude, but I rarely notice someone's rank and typically, this time, I paid no attention and merely smiled and went on with the current conversation. Also, at while we were having lunch, the dissenter from last weeks PWOC came by. I invited her to have lunch with us. My heart has been so burdened for her soul, and I longed for the opportunity to show her Christ's love regardless of her disbelief in my Jesus. Anyway, that is why I paid little attention to the general. I was busy in a conversation with her. As a side note, this was the last week of our Habakkuk Bible study. The last lesson taught me that it is not my responsibility to make her accept Christ. It is my responsibility to model Christ and share Him, but it is her responsibility to accept Him or to choose not to. That was really good to know. I tend to beat myself up a lot, and I had worried this week that maybe I had not said the right things or maybe I had been to (I don't know stringent?)in my presentation of Christ. So, upon reading that, my heart was lifted, and I felt that she had heard what she was meant to hear. Ok so after that I spent the afternoon doing Red Cross work. Then home to make dinner for us and clean up a bit.

So then yesterday I had PWOC in the morning. A meeting with Therese after that. Then BSCC board meeting from noon to one. After that I had another afternoon of Red Cross work. Home to make dinner for Alan and clean up a bit and then out to a wives coffee group from 1800 - 2130. For those of you who don't know, the coffee group consists of the spouses of the senior NCO's and officers of a battalion or brigade headquarters company. It's a social group for friendship and support and generally meets on a monthly basis. They also do the planning of some activities for the support of the unit.

So, the reason I say it never rains but it pours is that of these things but the PWOC were last minute notice. Yes, I could have said no to the Red Cross thing, but they asked at the end of last week and I had already said yes before all the other stuff (like my crown falling out) happened. lol see? It never rains but it pours. Now I'm super busy the next 2 weeks and then I have 2 weeks of nothing scheduled.

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Janie said...

Glad the dentist was good! Sounds like a busy day! I miss coffees!