Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day Trippin'

We went on a wonderful day trip yesterday. We started out with breakfast at the DFAC (that's dining facility or mess hall you all you non-military peeps) then got in the car and headed for the Czech Republic. It was such a beautiful day. At least 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. A bright sunshiny day. The trip through Bavaria is always a scenic one. We went to Karlovy Vary, CZ. It is a town known for its spa's and shopping. The dollar stands up well to the Krone as $1 = 20+ Krone. We didn't buy much, but really enjoyed seeing the different architectural styles and shopping. I always get a kick out of going to a former eastern block country and finding McDonald's. Anyway, we got back home around 1900 and walked a couple blocks down the straBe to a favorite Italian restaurant. The waitress got such a kick out of us trying to use our broken German that she gave us a free appetizer! lol We enjoyed it very much. This morning we are getting ready for church. After that hubby is planning on taking the cars to be washed. We believe in having a day of rest just not on Sunday. Only because with going to church and then having to get ready for the week ahead, it rarely feels like a day of rest. So, generally speaking, we have ours on Saturday when the Lord had His. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Janie said...

Your day trip sounds delightful, as did your dinner at the Italian restaurant. I hope you both have a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Do you have anything special planned for your week ahead?

Rebecca said...

Nothing special. Work for both of us (I am subbing twice this week) and the usual activities. We are hoping this good weather continues.

Pam said...

Hey it was so good to hear from you again. It has been awhile. It brightened my day!