Monday, April 16, 2007

In the Eye of the Hurricane

So much to pray about today. A friend's husband rushed into emergency surgery. Massacre at a college in Virginia. Children at school. Persecuted. Hurting. Dear friends in turmoil with agonizing decisions to make. A crossroad in our life. Uncertainty. Holding on to Jesus, though tossed by the sea. So much pain in my heart today. I ask you all to pray with me. Learning to trust. On old levels. On new ones. It's so good to know, that it's all in the Master's hands. "Though strong winds may blow, they can't change what I know. When I hold to the rock, that the wind can't erode." (Trace Balin)


Carrie said...

I am praying for your today. I pray that he will make his will known and lessen your pain.

Janie said...

I am so sorry you are hurting. I will pray that God comforts you and gives you His peace that passes understanding. I wish we could share a cup of tea and have prayer together but this will have to do. I will put your needs and hurts before our Heavenly Father!

Rebecca said...

I wish we could too. You're so sweet both of you thank you.