Sunday, April 8, 2007


Smokey our cat is assumed to be at least 16 years old. He came to us a few months after we got married. He just wandered up to our back door and meowed so loud we had to see what was up. We fed him (both of us are cat lovers) and he stayed on living in our yard and on our patio. At that time we lived on an old dairy farm near Ft. Sill. Just before Alan deployed to Iraq, he told Smokey that he needed to be the man of the house while papa was gone. After Alan left, every day there would be a new dead something on my back door step. A dead mouse, shrew, bird, rabbit, etc. After he left me a dead rabbit with fur all over the patio and only the head, one leg and the intestines left, I cleaned it up and got down to his level. I looked him right in the eye and said,"No more." He never left another one. Smokey is very loving and kind. He is very good with children and even babies. We believe that he was dumped by another family. Unfortunately, that is happening more and more in the military. We are glad to have him. He has been a most welcome addition to our family. Tomorrow, since you all want to know, I'll tell you how Alan and I came to be.


Janie said...

Beautiful cat. I got a funny out of the "man of the house"...a cat doesn't make the best protector! Attack kitty just doesn't come to mind when I see his picture!!!

Sheri said...

Smokey is so cute! Sorry that he misses Grandma so much... That's hard even for pets I guess. Our dog loves the extra attention when my parents come to visit. Hee. Hee. And, BEAUTIFUL wedding pics! Happy Anniversary!!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much. Some in my family wanted us to elope but we have never regretted having our wedding. Smokey thanks everyone for their kind remarks. He agrees that he is beautiful.